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How Librarians Can Manage
the Unintended Consequences
of the Internet

Edited by Marylaine Block

Chapter Four: Adapting To the Changing Expectations of Library Users

Basic Starting Points:

  • The Shifted Librarian : the Web Site

  • The Shifted Librarian Presentation
    Jenny Levine's power point presentation explains how our users' expectations and information-seeking habits have changed, and how we need to change to meet their needs.

    Library Blogs

  • BlogBib
    a nice annotated review of the literature and resources on blogging, especially library blogs.

  • Blogger - "Push-button Publishing for the People"
    blogging software

  • Blog spot - blog hosting
    Another popular blog hosting service.

  • "Blogs for Libraries"
    an article by Greg Schwartz about the benefits of blogging, for librarians and for their patrons.

  • Communicating off the Page." Library Journal, September 15, 2001.
    an article I wrote about librarians' blogs.

    RSS Feeds

  • Introduction to RSS -
    "Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Think of it as a distributable "What's New" for your site."

  • Making an RSS Feed

  • RadioUserland
    blog software that lets you post and receive news updates from sites you like.

  • RSS for Non-Techie Librarians
    Steven Cohen explains why and how to post your blog to a news aggregator

  • RSS Workshop
    a tutorial from the Utah State Library

    Some Examples of Library Weblogs

  • Catalogablog

  • Library Weblogs
    Peter Scott's index of librarian blogs and articles about them.

  • Peter Scott's Library Blog (formerly Library News Daily)

  • Urbana Free Library Construction Updates
    Blogs can be a great way of keeping your users up to date on changes in the library.

  • Waterboro Lib Blog
    And they're very useful for readers' services. This is one of the best sources of current info for readers.

    Virtual Reference and Other Interactive Services

  • Collaborative Live Reference Services
    Bernie Sloan stays on top of all the info on virtual reference and shares it.

  • Digital Reference Services Bibliography: a Supplement.
    another Bernie Sloan webliography.

  • DIGREF listserv

  • Distance Education and Virtual Reference: Where Are We Headed
    Steve Coffman discusses how well these systems work and the long-term implications for libraries.

  • LiveRef: a Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services

  • QuestionPoint Collaborative Reference Service
    "a collaborative reference service the Library of Congress and OCLC worked together to develop."

    Personalized Portals

  • brarydog

  • LITA Internet Portals Interest Group

  • MyLibrary at Cornell

    Adapting Services to Hand-Held Devices

  • E-Book Library at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
    Over 1800 downloadable public domain titles formatted for the MS Reader and Palm

  • The Handheld Librarian
    "Librarians sharing news, applications, and ideas of interest with others working with handheld computer technology."

  • PDA Zone - University of Alberta Libraries
    including pages of science and technology resources for the PDA, health resources, PDAs in education, buyers' guides, downloadable e-texts, etc.

  • Wireless Librarian
    Wireless librarian Bill Drew talks about his own library's experiences instituting a wireless LAN, and also includes links to articles, LibWireless discussion group, vendors, and other related resources.

    Using the Library Web Site To Deliver Innovative Services

  • Beyond the Basics: Interesting Services on Library Web Sites
    A presentation I delivered in March, 2003.

  • Public Library Of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Family of Web Sites, including StoryPlace, Book Hive and brary Dog.

  • Wilton Library: Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries
    a great virtual tour of some of the most creative web services by librarians.

    Additional Articles

  • Creating Your Niche on the Net
    an article I wrote about creating unique and critical services to your community on your web site.

  • Google Meets E-Bay: What Academic Librarians Can Learn from Alternative Information Providers

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